Bob Mazzei

ICT & Business Engineering

30+ Years Serving Business Around the Globe

Bob Mazzei

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I am a business engineer and analyst with more than 30 years of experience working on issues ranging from production to distribution in the agribusiness sector (i.e. food and beverage industry). Specialist in supply chain management and traceability. As an ICT Consultant and Project Manager, I have assisted dozens of companies in Europe and North America in streamlining their communication and digital processes and implementing order management and automation technologies. As a market analyst and marketing specialist, I was able to form commercial networks, establish solid sales partnerships, and increase brand awareness for a vast array of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, wines, processed foods, and frozen foods. In addition, I serve as a consultant for the GlobalG.A.P./GRASP quality protocols. I glean trustworthy and protected information on markets, products, and trends from the most dependable global databases. Since 2016, I have specialized in organic foods trade.


Three crucial questions need a reliable answer:
1) What tools do I need to maximise efficiency?
2) How to optimise costs without sacrificing results?
3) Will my staff be trained enough to master these tools?
This is where I come in to address your problems and deliver the most efficient solution within budget.Solutions to help you:
1) Find new customers and markets
2) Build strong business relationships
3) Streamline the workflow
4) Optimise communications
5) Drive spending and cost reduction while maximising business value
6) Boost sales and market presence

  • Context analysis

  • Business development and sales support

  • ICT & Tech Services

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Project Management

  • Digital Media Creations

  • Tailor-made Software Solutions

  • Data Science

  • Google Services

Been serving businesses in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas since 1989


Bob Mazzei, ICT & Business Engineering.
Author for fun and very fond of Rock music. Owner of Sienda ltd, provider of bespoke digital solutions, London, UK.
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