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Bob Mazzei

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I am a business engineer and analyst with more than 30 years of experience working on issues ranging from production to distribution in the agribusiness sector (i.e. agriculture, food and beverage industry). As a digital procurement professional, I am devoted to in-depth analyses of actual business demands in order to provide customised and user-oriented solutions for the comprehensive, efficient, and successful digitization of business operations. As an ICT Engineer and Project Manager, I have assisted dozens of companies in Europe and North America, streamlining their communication and workflows by implementing the latest technologies. As a market analyst and marketing specialist, I have helped form commercial networks, establish solid sales partnerships, and increase brand awareness for a vast array of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, wines, and processed foods. Moreover, I serve as a specialist in supply chain management and traceability and as a consultant for the GlobalG.A.P./GRASP quality protocols. I glean trustworthy and protected information on markets, products, and trends from the most dependable global databases. I've been working on supply chain and commercial networks for organic produce since 2016.


I started in 1987 as an IT Programmer and was responsible for designing and implementing complex systems, ensuring that they would meet the requirements of clients and stakeholders.
Thanks to excellent teachers and colleagues, from whom I was lucky enough to learn the art of computer programming and analysis, I became a highly skilled coder who had a deep understanding of languages (Basic, Cobol, Pascal), algorithms, and data structures.
Overtime, I also learnt to proficiently use different tools and frameworks to build robust and scalable applications.
However, I have always enjoyed coordinating projects and analysing problems to arrive at efficient solutions, so I soon began to further my studies in IT analysis and as an IT analyst I supervised major projects including: libraries, cultural heritage, construction, and finally agriculture and the food & beverage industry.
Today, as an IT Consultant, I am responsible for advising businesses on how to leverage technology to achieve their objectives. I work closely with clients to identify their needs and design customised solutions that meet those needs. I have gained a strong understanding of the latest technologies and trends in the IT industry and am able to provide valuable insights to my clients. I am now a trusted advisor who has helped dozens of businesses in Europe and North America navigate the complexities of technology and make informed decisions as well as advised companies in the food & beverage supply chain to optimise their procurement processes, expand their market, gain competitive advantage, and put in place successful strategies through cooperation in all continents.
Throughout my time as a student of economics, I honed my skills in the areas of business engineering and data analysis, as a result, I began applying these methods and skills when chances arose in the early 2000s.
As a business engineer, I bring together my expertise in IT and business to create efficient and effective systems. I am able to analyse business processes and identify areas for improvement, and then design and implement solutions that streamline those processes. I am skilled at working with stakeholders from different departments and levels of the organisation to ensure that everyone is aligned and on board with the changes being made.
In this I found a great ally in Google, thus becoming a specialised Project Manager. Within the Google universe, I have gained considerable experience and have been able to provide excellent business solutions to my clients as a Google Cloud Partner.
As a Digital Procurement Specialist, I use my knowledge of technology and business to help organisations optimise their procurement processes. I am responsible for managing the digital procurement systems, ensuring that they are up to date and functioning smoothly. I also worked closely with suppliers to negotiate contracts and ensure that the organisation was getting the best possible value for its purchases. I am a key player in helping companies achieve their procurement goals and improve their bottom line.
Basically, my career has spanned a wide range of roles in the IT and business world. I was first a skilled programmer to then become an IT analyst and a trusted consultant, and again an efficient business engineer, a proficient project manager, and a savvy procurement specialist. My diverse skillset and expertise allow me to make valuable contributions to the organisations I work for and help them achieve their goals.
With the aim of putting this expertise together, I launched my London-based firm, Sienda ltd, in 2012, coining the phrase "weblines," which implies exactly guiding the client through the journey towards efficiency via the use of digital technologies.
In my career, I've had the good fortune to encounter trustworthy professionals and businesses with whom I can cooperate and deliver comprehensive and seamless solutions.
Please contact me if you wish to engage my services. I'm more than willing to provide a hand.

Google Cloud Partner for best business practices and solutions


Three crucial questions need a reliable answer:
1) What tools do I need to maximise efficiency?
2) How to optimise costs without sacrificing results?
3) Will my staff be trained enough to master these tools?
This is where I come in to address your problems and deliver the most efficient solution within budget.Solutions to help you:
1) Find new customers and markets
2) Build strong business relationships
3) Streamline the workflow
4) Optimise communications
5) Drive spending and cost reduction while maximising business value
6) Boost sales and market presence

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Been serving businesses in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas since 1987


Bob Mazzei, ICT & Business Engineering.
Author for fun and very fond of Rock music. Owner of Sienda ltd, provider of bespoke digital solutions, London, UK.
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